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Sears, Roebuck and Co., commonly known as Sears, is an American chain of department stores founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1893, and was reincorporated by Richard Sears and Julius Rosenwald in 1906. Formerly based at the Sears Tower in Chicago and currently headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, the operation began as a mail ordering catalog company and began opening retail locations in 1925. The first location was in Chicago, Illinois.

Trina mentioned, "Think twice before ordering from for major appliances. I ordered the wrong washer and dryer for my place. I thought it was the correct washer and dryer but my husband said it was not the one we wanted. I talked with the delivery person and he said they would take it back and to call Sears and they will help me find the correct laundry appliances.

I called and asked for help finding the correct washer and dryer for our place. The person I was speaking with was in another country and could barely speak English. She had no knowledge of Sears washers and dryers. She was looking online at the washer and dryers. I asked if I could speak to a knowledgeable appliance person. She said she could assist me with the washer/dryer exchange. Two hours later, and several so-called experts I had enough and just wanted to cancel my order. One of the incompetent appliance experts found the perfect washer and dryer for me after all this time. I explained to the person, I don't have the time or the emotional capability of dealing with them again if the washer or dryer has problems. After what I went through, I would have been crazy to continue with a purchase with Sears. At the very end, I was transferred to a nice lady that I could understand. She agreed that cancellation would be the right thing to do with this order. She said it would take about seven days before the refund would be back in my bank account. So my order was canceled, so I thought. The next day, my husband got a call from Sears asking him when they could deliver our washer and dryer! They gave him a phone number for delivery. I called one of the many numbers I had from the previous day. I spoke to a guy that could speak English well with a Spanish accent, he was the first employee that was knowledgeable on the subject. He told me the order was not canceled!!! The sweet lady that gave me a confirmation number was not so sweet after all. He went ahead and canceled my order and said it would take about seven days before the money would appear back on my credit card. I'll be checking my bank account every day. This might not be over yet.

Buyer beware when ordering from Their customer service is located in another country. They must work on commission or an incentive program to make sure they don't give refunds to customers. Customer service is not professionally trained. I recommend before buying a major product, call customer service and see if you want to spend hours on the phone with this person. You will be at their mercy when they have your hard earned money. Good Luck"


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Former Employee - Cashier says

"Getting forced to sell credit cards"

Former Employee - Auto Center Manager says

"Everything else, including upper management"

Former Employee - Appliance Sales Specialist says

"Pay structure, Sales Tactics, Training"

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"Didn't enjoy having to push sales on to people"

Former Employee - Office Assistant says

"Bad salary And bad employer"

Former Employee - Consultative Sales Home Appliances says

"The company is going under."

Current Employee - In Home Service Technician says

"Bad information or just way to much information."

Former Employee - Technician says

"benefits suck very much yes"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"Company went bankrupt, store closed with little warning, leaving employees without a job."

Current Employee - Clerk says

"I wouldnt do this position, not worth it"

Especialista de Reclutamiento y Selección (Former Employee) says

"No es una buena empresa para trabajar te explotan, horarios de tienda, ventas nocturnas, ventas especiales, gente especial si no les caes bien a los gerentes simplemente tú eres el problema, alta rotación dentro de la sucursal, no respetan horarios y aparte se enojan si te vas en tu horario. Vales de despensa, prestaciones de leyHorarios extensos, gente rígida y vieja"

asesor de ventas (Former Employee) says

"No es recomendable es mucho tiempo y mucho trabajo para lo poco que paganTodo"

home service technician (Former Employee) says

"This company doesn’t take care of technician. Just push tach beyond there limit. Poor and most expensive health insurance .No a good place to work to much stress. This company is st bankrupt I can’t advice someone to go there.Andthen this company doesn’t take care about technician. The only thing they need is money.No take care about youExpensive health insurance"

Backroom Associate (Former Employee) says

"everyone as this so called job is all buddy buddy with each other there is no room for advancement and they will single you out and get you fired if you have even the slightest drive to move up the leads and management mess up alot and i mean alot and they are like eh its ok but the moment you mess up they make a huge deal of it even if its something small as forgetting to give them a receipt or something small like that noneeverything about this company and the people in it"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worked as a cashier, supposedly permanent hire but then they said seasonal. The pay was minimum wage and with split shifts or being called in on days off and sent home on days scheduled, it sucked. They only thing worse is that I was fired for taking off for 2 days when my daughter was born in the hospital."

Loss Prevention Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management and expectations for store metrics. Management would never support the employees and just expected things that were on the border of illegal or uncomfortable. noneall"

Backroom Team Member (Former Employee) says

"They hired me as a permanent worker then fired me at the end of the season. Had 1 person running a department that needed at least 5 people to work at. Theres more but just dont, litterly the worst place i ever workedNoneDont care at all about any of their workers"

Customer Service Representative/Sales (Former Employee) says

"I hated working at sears. Sears was the worst place I ever worked at and even till this day it is. I don’t know how I managed staying there almost 2 years. Management sucked and not to mention this had to be cool with people like basically kiss a** to move up smh no thank you!NothingEverything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This store has management that micromanages everything too deeply. The pay is very low, very poor morale, plenty of backbiting, the hours given are four hours in three weeks. It has come to the point where working for this dying company no longer has any serving purposes. The sales are irrelevant, prices too high, customer assistance is unsatisfactory, and the reason for being at this forsaken place is more immaterial now than in the past.This is a light place.Lousy hours, lousy pay, mistreatment of employees, dead-end place to work"

Backroom Associate (Former Employee) says

"- company was going out of business - was trying to get better hours - was searching for another job while working here - no support -management was terriblenoneeverything"

HR Manager (Former Employee) says

"There was no direction at Sears. They had two types of leaders, those who were good, that left because they could not get anything done with any sustainable progress. The bad leaders stayed and drove the company into the ground, for example, their CEO and President. NoneToo many to list"

ventas y atencion al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Hostigamiento por parte de gerentes gritandome por que no puedo partirme en dos y pidiendo estar de buenas en las jornadas de 11 a 14 horas todos los días y compañeros peleando comisiones al punto de que casi me golpean adentro de la tienda y la gerencia no me permitió la renuncia prometiendo despedir al promotor de vans que iba a golpearme y llevándome a un área mejor. No lo hicieron y fui ganando menos hasta que decidí huir de ahí.Descansas a veces dos días a la semanaTe amenazan y chantajean si no haces tarjetas, las jornadas son de 12 a 14 horas, los compañeros están viendo como quedar bien con la jefa a costa de tu integrad"

Cashier / Footwear Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I was sexually harassed at work and when asked to be put on another schedule other than the person I was told to sign an nda and he was not only promoted but I was put on his exact schedule everything"

HVAC Technician (Former Employee) says

"Long hours never know when the day will end. Always have another couple of calls dispatched to you at end of day. Then when off peak season hits, no work. I worked in hvac and refrigeration and it was the most dangerous and stressful job I have ever had when working with the public. They send you out to crack houses. Never knew that so many drug dealers and users had sears warranties. Please do yourself a favor and do not consider working at Sears. It might have been good at one time, but not anymore. I had the lowest call back and highest 1st call completion of any re h and they didnt give me a raise because I was just outside of the time per call average they wanted. They would rather you incomplete call for a bogus part and make the customer wait than take the time to troubleshoot and fix it right. Or maybe just give an excuse for no raise. You will not meet their ever change numbers.I was able to find a job and leave searsThe day i started working at sears"

Appliance Technician (Former Employee) says

"They do not care about the employees at all. The only thing they really care about is selling those home warranties. I just want you to sell sell sell and if you can’t sell that’s all she wrote. They are very few benefits.Their health insurance is horrible. It’s horrible and very expensive. They don’t really care about the customer. They just want you to sell sell sell.They don’t care how good a job you can do repairing the item Because that’s not what floats their boat. There number one thing is bringing money into the company. You could be the best technician in the world if you don’t sell you will be fired. There are no ProsI’ve already mentioned them"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Things started out bad from when i started there. They told me about their liquid assets from my interview, giving me a bad feeling from the start about their financial position."

Automotive Technician (Former Employee) says

"Terrible experience for me. Promised many things and none were followed through with. Manager had no clue what she was doing. If you are working in automotive you should at least know the difference between oils and fluids, especially if you are the one that is supposed to be selling it to the customer."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst place I have worked at. The managers are a joke. They don’t care about the people. They have a large turnover and it’s just a mentally unhealthy place to work.NoneEverything"

Store Support (Former Employee) says

"the company refuses to pay a competitive wage and often we were understaffed and left in situations that were unsafe, during truck unload I was often the only one unloading which we were supposed to have 3+"

ventas y atencion al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Es demasiado el trabajo y nadie lo reconoce y los jefes siempre quieren k hagas lo k ellos no hacenNingunoEl horario es fatal"

Michelle Lee Lowry says

"This is an incredible story, I put a dryer on layaway from on Oct 25th, paid it off by Dec 18th scheduled delivery for Jan 11th as that was the first available. Took off work so I would be home. Called on the 10th to verify delivery window, found out they changed my delivery date without notifying me to the 18th. Not acceptable. Went through 3 different calls no supervisors or mangers, associates working from home. Contacted sears via Instagram no satisfaction, accepted delivery on the 18th but must be after 4 as I could not take off. Called the 17th to verify delivery time. Delivery service person verified delivery after 4 have all the chat transcripts to back me up. Phone call for window, delivery is scheduled for 1:45 pm-3:45pm...?? Livid. Go to work am able to leave at 1 so I can get this dryer, they driver texts me at 11:47 am...will be there in 45 min. What???? If not there they take item back. Had to drive 90mph home to get there for the driver. Insane. No responsibility taken, no empathy or interest on's part. Will never purchase from them again."

Karen says

"Horrible! I feel real dumb for purchasing anything from Sears. I have paid two delivery service fees and for two stacking kits. Washer and dryer here still not stacked. Countless hours on hold and repeatedly stating my issue and being blindly transferred. I had to get on social media platforms to attempt to get help. Nothing. If someone knows how to start a class action lawsuit Please do. Take a look at BBB and the long list of complaints. Why? Why is Sears still in business of scamming?!"

columbia says

"Pathetic! Bought a washer and dryer for my daughter and it didn't come in time for Christmas! It's been two months and they keep rescheduling the delivery! I just canceled my order! never again!"

Brad says

"I purchased a refrigerator for Christmas. Paid extra to have it delivered on a Saturday. 2 days before delivery, I get a text rescheduling it for Tuesday with no time frame. I had to call and wait on hold. I needed to know what time because I have a a job. I was told I will get a call between 6pm and 9 pm Monday night. I explained cant do that because I have to schedule time off. They wouldn't leave it on the porch either. I said it needs to be after 5 then so my wife can be home. They said sure. I said great so its garunteed after 5 and they said "NO but rest assured it will be after 5" we went back and forth and right back to they will call me after 6. I again told them that doesn't work and he replied "you can tell me this 1000 times but it doesn't change pur procedure" at this point I was floored but needed the fridge so I got my neighbor to agree to be there to sign. Then the night before I get a message to call them. Of course it 40min hold times. Its now rescheduled again a week later after Christmas. I asked for a garuntee and was given the same BS again. So I canceled and was supposed to receive a credit in 7-10 days (this was 12-20-20) i called back on day 11 and was told "sometimes it takes 10-12 days. I called back on day 13 and was told someone will call me because it was late and he wasn't sure why. No phone call. On 1-10-21 I got an email saying I will receive it in 7-10 more days. About to contact my credit card to file fraud claims"

James says

"Ordered stove and microwave online Nov 11,2020. Delayed until Dec 21. Delayed again Jan12. Delayed AGAIN until Jan 25. No way to track. Still don't have merchandise. Frankly I fear that I have paid for a appliances that I will never get. I have called, but they refuse to give contact info. I was given a shipment tracking number that doesn't work. I'm screwed."

Ladd Wikstrom says

"I purchased a Serta Perfect Sleeper Harlington Plush Queen Eurotop Mattress, Model 92637 from Sears online sales on 1/25/2019. On 2/27/2020 the piping around the bottom of the mattress ripped completely off and my hand up passed my wrist slipped into the mattress while changing the sheets. I called about this and was referred to Serta. They said since I only had a one year warranty, it was over the sale date by two days so they would not honor the warranty for the poor product performance. Do not buy Serta or any other mattress from Sears online. Sears will take no responsibility for the product. They defer that to the maker of the product. You will get screwed if you do not buy extra warranty that cost 1/2 the price of the mattress. It is a criminal for them to do this to their customers."

John says

"Sears can no longer be trusted. Once they have your money you will no longer receive any support. It is Sad because they used to be the place to go for appliances."

Sears should close forever says

"They were quick to charge me for stove but keep rescheduling claiming item is not in their warehouse. I call back, they schedule a delivery date, and magically it disappears from warehouse starting the process over. I’ve spent over 10 hours combined on the phone and it is useless. They lie and lie and lie. I should’ve purchased from someone else during Black Friday. If any one wants to start a class action lawsuit please let us know."

Sharron Hayes says

"Don't ever purchase them these liars. They have held my money for over a month . They have not delivered the item after giving me two delivery dates.. They won't let you speak with a manager although the tell you a manager will's just another lie. Worst place. I will never buy from this company again. Not even a soda. In a time like this people don't have money to waste I'm still waiting on my money so I can buy a refrigerator for my family. It's insane the customer service that's provided. They did not cancel the order the first time I called which wastes even more days for me to get my refund. They took my money in seconds and expect me to wait 2 weeks for a refund I have no refrigerator because of these liars."

Deborah Uhlinger says

"Do not ever buy a warranty and have their credit card, they fabricated a telemarketing call to me and charged my account and I have been fighting and being transferred to every department that cant help. They wont credit this fraudulent charge back to me. I closed my account to prevent further fraud. I will NEVER do business with them again. I use to tell people what a great store this was, now anyone and everyone will here the BS I have been put through for two months!!!!!"

Matthew says

"I would give Zero stars if I could. There online orders are a total scam. The delivery date for their website if false as we expected our delivery to be in a few days like it said but then found out it would be weeks away. Then we tried to call the customer service and all we heard was excuse after excuse. Sears is by far one of the worst companies for service."

Color Colorado says

"Sears is a complete joke of a company. I ordered a refrigerator online with a delivery date 6 weeks out. That seemed fine because I didn't need the refrigerator right away. When it came time for delivery, they postposed the delivery three times after which I canceled the order since it seemed pretty obvious they didn't have the refrigerator. Following the initial delivery delay when I asked the customer service person when the refrigerator would be available they promised me with 100 percent certainty that they refrigerator would be delivered the following. The same thing happened when the second delay occurred. When I asked for more information and to speak with a manager, no info was provided and a manager was not available. I was appalled by the poor service of Sears. They seem to be committing fraud by selling products that are not in fact available."

CJ Starry says

"Sears is not the company they used to be. I have had several repair apt where no repair man showed up. No call no warning and yet another day wasted. My washer is covered under the protection agreement and it has been a 3 months battle to get it fixed. They finally mailed me the part and the box that had rats in it. I now have rats in my attic. The repair guy comes out today and tells me he can not fix it and they will replace it. Again another morning wasted and my washer is not repaired. I am so tired of this. I have sat on the phone for hours and hours trying to get my washer repaired or replaced. Now, I have a huge box with a part in it and a broken washer and they will not fix it and they want me to go online and chose a different washer threw them. Never again will I buy an appliance threw Sears!"

Karen Anton Kraft says

"They should have minus stars for companies like this. There is no one to talk to in the USA - you get the Philipines and/or India. I ordered a washer/dryer and pedestal washer & pedestal and the delivery has been changed 5 times. I even received phone call saying it would be delivered the next day and that morning @ 7AM I received a text that it was reschedulede ONCE AGAIN. I have bought Kenmore products for years and years but this absolutely sucks. The fact that they have NO ONE IN THE USA to speak to is ridiculous. I understand COSTCO is the delivering company and they do the set-up but no one knows what the hell is going on. Order 2 months ago at this point. I doubt that this will survive under the present business plan. Not one damn thing makes sense."

Kathy Longanecker says

"This company deserves Zero stars. Do not use Very unreliable and liars. My brothers and I purchased a dishwasher from with the promise that it would be delivered on the 4th. It didn’t show up. My brother called and they said it would be the 7th. Every week we got a new delivery date. Today is January 2nd. No dishwasher. They said it was delivered to the local warehouse. Contacted the Warehouse and they don’t know where it is. We canceled the order due to empty promises, bad customer service, and countless hours on the phone. Two weeks ago, the drivers called and said they were on their way, that they just stopped to get something to eat...overseas?"

Joel Pettit says

"3 years ago I bought a brand new Kenmore elite refrigerator from the Lacey Sears. this weekend, during the holiday season, it stopped working. Now, I'm strange and expect that I should get more than a year for $1,000 out of a major appliance. so I tried to schedule an appointment to be told I would have to wait until January 4th. That's stupid. This is the holidays. so I contacted customer service to speak with somebody obviously from a different country who was very unhelpful. I was told that they put me on the emergency list, which means that somebody will let me know if somebody becomes available before my appointment. So basically, I just have to hang out and wait to see if somebody can show up and fix my refrigerator. I then asked if I could speak with somebody in customer service department with effin I might file a formal complaint. Surprise! It's the same people. The unprofessional out of country customer service department fields the complaints that it generates! Talk about a closed circle. That's no need for adequate customer service when you render the customer obsolete...I mean, they've already got my money. Why stand by their product? I feel pretty strongly that the company should stand by their appliances that cost a major investment. To have a refrigerator stop working after 3 years is ridiculous and, call me strange, but I feel like a company should be jumping to make that right. I guess there's a reason they're going out of business. I would strongly suggest, if you've saved up a few dollars to spend on appliances, that you spend it neither on this brand nor on this store. Let them die. That's what their customer service deserves."

Bryan Scroggins says

"In October I ordered a GE upright freezer from Sears online. The expected delivery date was in November, and I knew it would be delayed due to COVID so I expected it around December. I recieved several notifications via email that it was delayed, delayed, and delayed again until December 10th when I recieved another notification that my delivery status had changed. I looked online and noticed that the status had changed to "delivered" on December 16th. This was on December 10th so I was concerned. At this point I had already spent hours on the phone with the delivery team between November and December 10th, but because the status had changed to delivered on a future date, I figured I should call again to see what the status actually was since I had obviously not recieved my freezer. The first call was a waste of time. I was told they would have to look into it with the warehouse, and that they would call me back in a few hours. They never did so a week later I called again. This time they told me that it had shipped and was delivered to a store, but could not tell me what store. Again I was told they would reach out to me via email this time within 24-48 hours. They never did. I chated with their online support to no avail, sent several emails receiving the same answer that I would have to contact the do nothing delivery team. After a dozen calls, several emails, blowing up their FB page and wondering if I had been scammed, I was finally told that my freezer was delivered to this store in Effingham. I drove the 45 minutes to the store resolved to not leave without either my freezer or some answers. When I got to the store I was pretty frustrated and I'm sure that despite my best efforts, some of that anger and frustration leaked out towards the staff. I told them I was there to pick up my GE Freezer. They informed me that they did not have any GE freezers, and hadn't for at least six months. I told them to double check and to call whomever they needed since the delivery team told me it had been delivered to that location. The owner took me to the back and showed me that he had no record of my order, and the only thing he could see was that I had indeed purchased one. I called the delivery team back and informed them that I was at the store and it was not there. That's when the delivery team told me that it hadn't shipped at all, and in fact it would not ship January 15th! I told them I wanted a refund, but they said I would have to work that through the store because their system was not updated? I purchased this online, the store had nothing to do with it so I said that wouldn't work and I wanted a refund now. They said again that I would have to call back in 24-48 hours, a running theme for the online "customer support". This is where the owner stepped up to the plate and made right the mistakes of so many online "customer support" representatives. Bottom line, don't order online from Sears. Just go to a local store for your purchasing needs."

Antoinette Burgess says

"Sears is ridiculous! The customer service is not even in the US, I was talking to someone in the Philippines, she couldn’t help me with nothing. Sears sold me a top dollar refrigerator that was damaged. I sent $3000 on a refrigerator. I bought this refrigerator on November 30 that was supposed to be delivered on December 03 then they changed it to December 11 then they changed it to December 17 then they changed it to December 23. They inconvenienced me for a month. Then the refrigerator came to my home on the 23 rd I was out of town. When I got home I noticed the dent on the side of the refrigerator. I contacted sears for the customer service supervisor I’m the Philippines to tell me there is nothing they can do. Something have to be done on the way Sears treat there loyal customers. This is unjust and not fair. I will NEVER shop at Sears again!"

George Keating says

"My refrigerator had issues at the beginning of July 2020. I have the Protection Plan. They tried to repair it several times. They finally agreed to replace it in October 2020. Its almost January 2021. They keep rescheduling and did so again today December 29, 2020. No resolution and going on 6 months. I don't suggest you purchase the Protection Plan! Worst service I have ever experienced!"

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